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Dress Code and Shoes

Dress Code: 

Any color leotard and tights (to thigh level or footed), proper dance shoes and the hair must be neatly controlled in a ponytail or bun.

If hair is shorter, please either have them wear a headband or clips to keep hair out of their face. 


Shoes and dancewear are available at Lebos located in Cloverleaf Plaza near Cicci's Pizza.

Dance Dreams also has consignment shoes and dancewear for sale.


Recreational Shoes Required

Mousercise Shoes

Any color tennis shoes


Kinderdance Shoes

Shoes required for class are: Pink leather ballet and tan Velcro strap tap shoes.

NO tie up tap shoes allowed because they come untied too easily. No bedroom slipper imitation ballet look shoes allowed because they don't stay on to dance in! Pink Ballet Capezio "Lily"($18.99 + tax), Tan Velcro Strap Tap Barbette Brand #6370 ($24.99 + tax)


Gradeschool and Intermediate Level Shoes

Tan Jazz Bloch "Super Jazz" ($38.99 + tax ), Tan Velcro Strap Tap Barbette Brand #6370 ($24.99 + tax)


Hip Hop

Any color tennis shoes worn in class. Special colors used for our June Showcase to be announced in February.




Competition Team Shoes

Jazz (Tan) Bloch Pulse#S0470  $43.99 = Tax

Tap (Black) *Plan A - Capezio CG19 ($78.99 + tax) * Plan B - Bloch S0301 (Child) $66.99 (Adult) $76.99

Lyrical (All Teams except Dreamini)  Angelo Luzio "Twyla" Half-Sole #621 $25.99 = Tax

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