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All Students must fill out Registration form below

Pay your registration fee here

There is a $20 Early Registration Fee to hold your child’s

place in class. After June 12th, the fee is $35.

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We will be back inside the studio while maintaining social distancing.

We are installing an In-Duct UVC System, and with this method, the UV-C light disinfects the air as it cycles through the return ducts thus cutting down on bacteria, viruses and mold making it safer to dance indoors.


We will also be checking temps, wiping surfaces, and sanitizing hands as you enter.

Teachers will wear a mask but close to the desk area they have a sectioned area to have relief from their mask.


Dancers will enter the studio room and place their dance backpack, as well as their water bottle with their name on it, on a number near the mirror. Then they will stand on their numbered and sectioned off area to dance.


Parents will send their dancer inside and parents will remain in the parking lot or leave. At the end of class, parents will gather near the front door area (please wear a mask) and dancers will exit to their parents. If we need you to enter the building or communicate an issue with your child during class time, we will text you.

We will do our best to make sure your dancer is safe and following CDC guidelines and the state guidelines.


Dance provides an outlet for exercise, creativity, friendships and most of all FUN! We understand that you may be unable to return to Dance Dreams at this time and encourage you to inquire at a later time in the year to see if a new class or position is available for your dancer.


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Glenna at 704-239-3347

or email at

We hope to see everyone again soon!

New Social Distancing Guidelines

distancing guidelines
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