Showcase Directions and School Details

A.L. Brown High School in Kannapolis (KPAC)


It's Showtime!! I'm so excited as I know the dancers are too for the Showcase on Sunday, June 16th. Again, thank you for sharing your Father's Day with us but I know ALL the Dads will feel blessed and receive a smile while watching their dancer perform! We will have a special Father's Day giveaway before and after Intermission. Please know that ALL the answers to your questions should be on our website under the Showcase InfoTab at There you will find the walk thru time schedule for your dancer (If they aren't listed for some Compt Team members / none for Mousercise) that means no walkthrough.) as well as the Timeline for our Showcase starting at 4:00 pm. Have your dancer in the cafeteria/dressing area 5 SONGS PRIOR (15 minutes) to meet their leader to take them backstage. Meet them immediately afterward. 

****Dream, Dreamette, and Teen Perf Co check in 3 songs prior with Kara.  We can't page dancers who aren't at their meeting area. Please make sure to look at the timeline to see the schedule so you'll know the song to head to dressing room that is 5 songs prior or 15 minutes before their approximate time given in the timeline!

  • Arrive first for the walk thru rehearsal so your dancer can get oriented with the stage for their routines. Unless you feel you have time after this walk thru, please arrive in hair, makeup but no costume yet. (Only jazz or ballet shoes to rehearse.)

  • There is plenty of parking at the school and went you arrive and park, note additional parking further down from the school and beside the church. 

  • Dressing Rooms - Enter through the doors and there on the left is the cafeteria/dressing room for all dancers except Dream, Dreamettes and Teen Performance. Those dancers will change under the stage area. Boys can either change in the bathroom or we have a Boys Dressing Room located off of the lobby area located at the back of the auditorium. Look for the sign.

  • DO NOT ENTER in the blocked entrance across from the cafeteria/dressing room. This is for our children only to enter the stage area. 

  • LOBBY AREA is located further down the hall and on the right bringing you to the back of the auditorium. There is reserved seating in the first 3 rows for our Senior Dancer's family and friends.

  • Additional Programs are for sale for $1.00 but each dancer should have received a form with a ticket attached to receive their free program.

  • Flowers are available for Pre-sale (see email) and additional but limited flowers (and bears) will also be available.

  • NO refreshments will be served because the school has restrictions for food and drink in the auditorium that includes fines! You can have drink/food in the dressing area but please be courteous and cleanup after yourself in the dressing area....there are costumes that can get stained and damaged! Thank you!

  • Have at least one bottled WATER FOR YOUR DANCER!

  • The Showcase starts at 4:00 pm with a 10 minute Intermission from 5:20-5:30 pm. The Showcase will be over at approximately 6:45 where we will announce our Best All-Around Dancers and honor our Seniors. 



 If you have any questions or concerns please let me know! I look forward to this show and all the hard work these young dancers and teachers have put in all year!

*Your paid Recital Fee includes one program, admission for unlimited guests and a link to share the Showcase video memories with friends and family. All other programs are $1.00.

* Let friends and family know that our show,  is now at A.L. Brown High School on Sunday, June 16th starting at 4:00 pm. Recreational Dancers will meet at an assigned time between 2:00 and 3:45 to do a walk through of places onstage. Mousercizers will review during the Showcase Intermission at 5:00. Flowers and gifts will be available.

* SHOES!! Many students shoes are too small. Please check your child's shoe fit today so you can order quickly. We have some used shoes available as well. You can sell yours too. just place in a large zip bag with your Student's full name and price. I will send an email listing shoe colors (most have already been discussed) and how they wear their hair soon!

Dance Dreams Showcase Lineup 2019

A.L. Brown High School/ Kannapolis Performing Arts Center~ 415 East 1st Street~ Showcase starts at 4:00pm 

All dancers will arrive first for the walk through for their dances (see separate email) earlier before the show and then return as instructed below.

Everyone except Dream, Dreamette and Teen Perf Co -  Please meet in the cafeteria/dressing room 5 songs or 15 minutes prior to your child’s routines (Others change under the stage area and meet backstage in places checking in with Ms Kara 3 songs prior). ROUTINES NUMBERS 2,3,4 NEED TO BE READY FOR LINEUP IN THE DRESSING ROOM AT 3:45!! Please note the approx performance time listed by your dancer’s routines and the leader meeting them to line them up to then go backstage. Once they have performed the leader will bring them immediately back to the cafeteria/dressing room for you to pickup. At this time you can change them into their next costume or depending on the wait time to meet again, they can wear shorts and a t-shirt.  Mousercisers please bring your dancer backstage during intermission at 5:20 to leave your dancer with us. After Mousercise performs at 5:30 , we will bring them down to the front of the stage for you to grab them there. ** The #2 #3 #4 routines need to be in the dressing room to lineup no later than 3:45.

1.        (4:00) The Greatest Show (All Competition Team) CLOSE CURTAIN AFTER

2.        (4:06) Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo (Cinderella) – Wed 5:30 TIFFANEY LINE UP /GLENNA RETURN

3.        (4:09) Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka) – Thurs. 6:30   TASHA

4.        (4:12) Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters) – Thurs 7:00 Hip Hop KAILEE MUSIC 1ST QUICK CHANGE AFTER FOR #10!!

5.        (4:15) Diamonds (Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend) – Dream Team KARA

6.        (4:18) Bop To the Top (High School Musical) – Wed. 6:30 TASHA

7.        (4:21) Can’t Turn You Loose (Blues Brothers) – Jr. Dream Team SARAH

8.        (4:24) Queen Bee (A Star Is Born) – Teen Perf Co  KARA

9.        (4:27) No Matter What – Dreamette Team KARA

10.     (4:30) Space Jam (Space Jam) – Thursday 6:00  KAILEE

11.     (4:33) Footloose (Footloose) – Jr. Perf Co   HANNAH

12.     (4:36) Conga Rhythm – Mini Perf Co   ALEX

13.     (4:39) Burlesque (Burlesque) * Sr. Spotlight – Cassie Norfleet KARA

14.     (4:42) Let Me Think About It * Sr. Spotlight – Hannah Jones  KARA

15.     (4:45) This Is Me (The Greatest Showman) –Teen Perf Co  KARA

16.     (4:48) Spoonful Of Sugar (Mary Poppins) – Wed 5:30  KAILEE

17.     (4:51) Gravity *Senior Spotlight – Abby Leopard  KARA  CLOSE CURTAIN AFTER

18.     (5:00) Witch Doctor – Sat. 11:00 Gymnastics SANDY AND SHERI

19.     (5:03) Bring It On – (Sports Movie Mix) – Sat. 10:00 Gymnastics  SARAH

20.     (5:09) Single Ladies – (Chipmunks) – Music 1st Thurs. Gymnastics TIFFANY (AINSLEY’S MOM)

21.     (5:12) Surf Crazy  (Beach Movie Mix) – Tues. Gymnastics  ALEX

22.     (5:15) You’re the One That I Want (Grease) – Mon. Gym LAWREN CLOSE CURTAIN AFTER

                 ----10 minute Intermission ----5:20-5:30

23.     (5:30) Under The Sea (Little Mermaid) - Mousercise CLOSE CURTAIN AFTER PICK UP DANCERS AT FRONT OF STAGE

24.     (5:37) Hillbilly Holla – Dreamini Team SARAH  CLOSE CURTAIN AFTER

25.     (5:41) I Can Transform Ya (Transformers) – Thurs. 6:30 Hip Hop   HANNAH

26.     (5:44) Singing In The Rain (Singing In the Rain) – Wed. 6:30 TASHA/CASSIE

27.     (5:47) Light That Never Fails – Dream Team  KARA

28.     (5:50) Bass Down Low – Dreamette Team  KARA

29.     (5:55) Hard Knock Life (Annie) – SARAH

30.     (6:00) Tap 2 Dat – Teen Perf Co: Kristan Misenheimer, Avery Warren, Mary Snow KARA

31.     (6:03) I Like to Move It (Madagascar) – Thurs. 6:00  KAILEE

32.     (6:06) Tainted Love *Sr. Spotlight- Hannah Jones and Abby Leopard KARA

33.     (6:10) Weird Science (Weird Science)– Dreamini Team CASSIE CLOSE CURTAIN AFTER

34.     (6:14) Ready For A Miracle (Evan Almighty) – Jr. Dream Team SARAH

35.     (6:18) Little Shop of Horrors (Little Shop of Horrors) – Mini Perf Co  ALEX

36.     (6:21) Don’t Rain On My Parade  (Funny Girl) *Sr. Spotlight – Kristan Misenheimer  KARA

37.     (6:24) We Can’t Stop the Beat (Hairspray)– Thurs. 6:30   HANNAH  MUSIC 1ST

38.     (6:27) I Have Nothing (Body Guard) *Sr. Spotlight – Hannah Jones  KARA

39.     (6:30) Girls Wanna Have Fun (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) –Jr. Perf Co KAILEE

40.     (6:33) Hip 2 Be Square (American Psycho) – Dreamette Team  KARA  MUSIC 1ST

41.     (6:36) Dem Beats – Dream Team  HANNAH

42.     (6:39) Move (Dream Girls) – Teen Perf Co KARA

43.     (6:42) Wind Beneath My Wings (Beaches) – Jr. Dream Team  SARAH

44.     (6:45) Never Enough (The Greatest Showman) *Sr. Spotlight featuring Kara Ballard – Cassie Norfleet, Hannah Jones, Abby Leopard

6:50     Recognition of Seniors            Announcement of Best All–Around Dancers

Showcase EARLY Walkthrough Schedule - June 16th AL Brown

For this walkthrough your dancer needs to be in hair and makeup but NOT their costume. They can wear shorts and an open necked shirt so it can easily be pulled over their head to not mess up their hair and makeup changing into costume. They will meet in costume later on 5 songs prior to their dance.(See Showcase Timeline) Also, just wear ballet or jazz shoes for the walkthrough…no tap shoes except for the show.

Please note the time to meet the dancers in the cafeteria/dressing room (unless specified backstage) to line them up and get them backstage ready at the walk thru time. (15 minutes) They only need jazz or ballet shoes and gymnastics is barefooted. Remind parents that during the show (starts at 4:00) to meet 15 minutes (see timelines posted everywhere on walls) or 5 songs prior to their performance and then to meet back in the dressing room after they perform. Thank you for noting as well if anyone else needs assistance is helping line up dancers and checking the show for who is next.

Team work makes the dream work!


  1. Cafe at 1:15 - Walk thru at 1:30  Wed 5:30 Bibbidy Boo & Spoonful Sugar.  Tiffaney /Kailee

  2. Cafe at 1:30 - Walk thru at 1:45  Wed 6:30 Bop to Top & Singing in Rain Tasha/ Cassie/ Miranda

  3. Cafe at 1:45 - Walk thru at 2:00  Th 6:00 Space Jam & I Like to Move It Kailee

  4. Cafe at 2:00 - Walk thru at 2:15  Ghostbusters Kailee/ Tasha

  5. Cafe at 2:10 - Walk thru at 2:20 Th 6:30 Can’t Stop Beat & Pure Imagination Hannah/ Tasha (Pure Imagin for the show)

  6. Cafe at 2:20 - Walk thru at 2:30 Transformers Hannah

  7. Backstage at 2:30 - Walk thru at 2:40 Teen Perf This Is Me & Move Sarah/Hannah

  8. Cafe at 2:50 - Walk thru at 3:00 Jr Perf Co Footloose Hannah

  9. Cafe at 3:00 - Walk thru at 3:10 Mini Co Little Shop Horrors Alex

  10. Cafe at 3:00 - Walk thru at 3:15 (½ hr) Witch Doc (Sandy), Bring It On (Sarah), Single Ladies(Tiffany), Surf Crazy (Alex), Grease (LaWren)

  11. ALL TEAMS BACKSTAGE - 3:45 Greatest Show (Kara, Sarah, Kailee, Hannah, Glenna)

  12. 4:00 is SHOWTIME!!!

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