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ATTACHED is the Showcase line up and a timeline guide beside each routine for our Showcase on Sunday, June 13th. Please keep the important rules in mind in helping the show run smoothly. The doors open at 11:00. The Run-Through for recreational dancers is an assigned time between 12:30-2:00 PM and the main Showcase is held 2:30-5:30 PM. PLEASE wait in between routines to get up from your seat. You will interrupt others trying to see their special dancer. Courtesy counts!

· Saving Seats~ You may enter as early as 11:30 pm to reserve seats however, at least one family member must remain present with the seating being saved. If not, be warned, your seating markers will be removed by the staff. You can't just come at 11:30 and mark off seats and then leave the auditorium. Please do not save more than 10 seats in an area. Some family members will need to sit elsewhere. Courtesy counts!

· Guests – You may invite as many guests as you like to the show as you like but they MUST WEAR A MASK!! These are regulations per the KPAC auditorium. No mask- no guest entry- no discussions or debates. Dancers do not have to wear a mask onstage.

· Programs – This year we are not offering the traditional handheld program but one you will download with a link that we will send in a separate email coming soon. The link will include the lineup attached to this email.

· Videos – Your Showcase Fee includes a download you will receive in an email a few weeks after the show that you can share with friends and family as well.

· Your child needs to meet to line up 5 songs before they dance in the Showcase. (All meet in cafeteria dressing area) Please note the approximate times listed as well beside the routine! These time guidelines are also to be listed in the program so plan on heading to the dressing area 15 minutes prior or 5 routines. Remember the times listed are their performance times, not their meet times for lining up.


STAGE REHEARSAL Run-Through (12:30-2:00 Recreational & Gym students only) We can't wait on anyone so be there 15 minutes before the time listed for your child in either a leotard or shorts/t-shirt to easily dance in but not to mess up hair and makeup. This is a quick run through for spacing so no costuming is required now. Wear Ballet or Jazz shoes to rehearse both routines. No costume changes during this run-through.


HAVE YOUR CHILD IN THE CAFETERIA 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO TIME GIVEN BELOW!!! The person lining them up needs to practice doing this from the cafeteria


11:00 am - Doors open for those assisting (or who can help) set up stage and sound.

12:30 pm - Tuesday 6:30 Kinderdance

12:45 pm - Thursday 5:30 Kinderdance

1:00 pm -Thursday 6:30 Gradeschool

1:30 pm - Thursday 7:30 Hip Hop

1:45 pm - Thursday int 6:30

2:00 pm - Sat 10:00 Beg Gym




See attachment for the Showcase Lineup and Timeline

(Please note that this year (only) we have included Competition Solos due to Covid restrictions limiting family to attend the competitions.)


· Mousercise - Bring your child directly backstage during the showcase at 4:00 (not the cafeteria). You can get them acquainted with us and then leave back to your seat. Once they perform, come down front and lift them off the stage quickly and then either back to your seat or you are free to leave.

· No Dads/Men allowed in the cafeteria dressing area.

· Flowers will be sold at the show as a gift for your child.

· Refreshments will be served at the hallway refreshment counter.

· Make sure your child dresses in the CAFETERIA and is in the CAFETERIA to be called for their lineup 5 songs before they perform. Meanwhile they can remain seated with you until time to meet. Use the timeline given and meet for lineup 5 songs or 15 minutes prior to their performance time!

· (Gymnastic Routines) All ages and gymnasts meet in the cafeteria for Lineup 5 songs prior. Make sure your dancer has stretched and warmed up for this routine. Only warmup your tricks in a safe and uncrowded area of the cafeteria.

· We cannot wait on any child who is not there for the lineup (in other words we are not going to go and search for your child so make sure they are there!!) If there is an emergency of a different sort, we may hold the routine briefly.

· No playing and rough housing at the Showcase. You are responsible for keeping your eye on your child and that they behave.

· Once your child is done performing you are at liberty to leave if you desire but are certainly welcome to stay and enjoy the show.

· NO FOOD IN THE AUDITORIUM!!! Dance Dreams gets fined financially…eat in the hallway or outside.

· Do not let your child eat in their costume! FOOD stains do not come out of your costumes. Cover-up if you must eat or drink.

· Water or sprite colored drinks are allowed in the dressing areas. Dark colored drinks accidentally spilled and that flow/spill on someone's costumes....NOT GOOD!

* Fire Law - No baby strollers in the isles

Early Walkthru Schedule

Dance Dreams Showcase 2021
K.P.A.C. June 13th 2:30 pm

1. (2:30) Burlesque - Dream Team
2. (2:33) Grown Woman- Maggie Pittmon
3. (2:36) Wild Horses- Vanessa Wightman
4. (2:40) Hot n Cold - Tuesday 6:30 Kinderdance
5. (2:43) Ain’t No Other Man- Elite Team
6. (2:46) Sunday Finest - Dreamini Team
7. (2:50) Dangerous - Lana Carter & Savannah Goodwin
8. (2:53) Don't Stop the Music - Bailey Bost
9. (2:56) Born To Be Wild - Mini Perf Co 
10. (3:00) Frozen - Thursday 5:30 Kinderdance
11. (3:03) The Sun Is Rising- Mya Lanier & Heather Young
12. (3:06) Stand Out - Jr Perf Co
13. (3:09) Trainwreck - Kendall Shackelford
14. (3:12) Lost Boy - Ainsley McCraven
15. (3:15) Great Balls of Fire- Tuesday 6:30 Kinderdance
16. (3:18) Permanent - Colby Ruben
17. (3:21) My Kind Of Guy - Abigail Tinsley
18. (3:25) Pound the Alarm - Cadence Hamilton
19. (3:28) Fireball - Thursday 5:30 Kinderdance
20. (3:31) Rainbow - Jr Perf Co
21. (3:33) Sophisticated Lady - Ashlee Ruben
22. (3:36) Only Girl - Heather Young
23. (3:39) Blow - Mya Lanier
24. (3:42) Hokey Pokey - Dreamini Team 
25. (3:46) I Believe - Elite Team
26. (3:49) Toxic - Dreamette Team
27. (3:52) Double Dutch Bus - Mini Perf Co
28. (3:55) Ice Cream Freeze- Thursday 6:30 Gradeschool
29. (4:00) Run To You - Heather Young
30. (4:03) My Heart Will Go On - Mya Lanier 
31. (4:06) The Climb - Dreamini Team 
32. (4:15) Hot Hot Hot - Mousercise
33. (4:18) Express - Hailey Stancil
34. (4:21) Don’t Deserve You - Lana Carter
35. (4:24) Emergency - Raegan Surkosky
36. (4:27) Freeze Frame - Thursday 6:30 Int Class
37. (4:30) Burnin’ Up - Thursday 6:30 Gradeschool
38. (4:33) Didn’t Know My Own Strength - Abigail Tinsley
39. (4:36) Watch Me - Jr Perf Co
40. (4:39) Rockstar - Aubree Young
41. (4:42) I’m A Woman - Dream Team
42. (4:45) All About Me - Zoe Atwell
43. (4:48) Big Noise - London Craige
44. (4:51) Lost Without You - Dreamette Team
45. (4:54) Ice Cream Truck - Th Hip Hop
46. (4:57) Black Magic - Charleston Storey
47. (5:00) Uptown Funk - Elite Team
48. (5:03) These Four Walls - Dream Team
49. (5:06) Thy Will Be Done - Averie Bumgarner
50. (5:09) Move - Bryleigh Gordon
51. (5:12) Moondance - Sarah Pichette-Malenke & Emma Wagner

52. (5:15) Fuego - Thursday 6:30 Int Class
53. (5:18) Self Esteem - Savannah Goodwin
54. (5:25) Hot Stuff - Beg. Gymnastics 
55. (5:28) Work It - Jr Gymnastics Team
56. (5:31) Boom Boom Pow - Teen Gymnastics Team

Teacher Recognition and Announcement of Best All-Around Dancers

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