Photographic Elegance will be doing our Competition Pictures on

Saturday, June 8th at Dance Dreams.

(Payment is due with purchase. Pricing listed below.) 

All students are asked to come to Dance Dreams during the session time below to take pictures for your child’s class time as a keepsake to all. You are not required to make a purchase but we would love for all to be in attendance so we can make sure all dancers understand how to do their hair, makeup and costuming for the show.

Click here for the details on the how-to’s of these things mentioned on how to do hair and makeup. 


ARRIVE AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to the time below to fill out paper work for orders first!!

Wear your costume for tap first and then your jazz/lyrical 2nd. There is a brief picture time for those in Hip Hop and Gymnastics.  Questions? Let us know!

9:45 am      Mousercise

10:15 am    Wed. 5:30

11:00 am    Wed 6:30 

11:45 am    Th 5:30 gym 

12:00 pm    Staff Lunch

12:30 pm    Th 6-7

1:15 pm      Th 7:00 Hip Hop and Mon gymnastics

2:00 pm      Th 6:30

2:45 pm      Jr Dream

3:45 pm      Th 6:00 Hip Hop

4:00 pm      Sat 10:00 Gymnastics

4:15 pm      Jr Performance

5:00 pm      Mini Perf and Tuesday Gym


Photographic Elegance Pricing below . I personally LOVE the Composite offer! It is your child's collection (8x10) of their individual picture and all their group pictures...all in ONE! 

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