June Showcase Hair/ Makeup/ Shoe Requirements

Shoe Requirements

Your dancer’s shoe requirements (Lebos in Cloverleaf Plaza)for their class is listed on the website under the list of classes but here is a basic guideline of what to wear in the show and for pictures:

Mousersize – Pink Ballet – Capezio “Daisy” available at Lebos (NO pink bedroom slippers)

Tuesday 5:30 and Thursday 5:30 Classes – Pink Ballet Capezio “Daisy” ($18.99 + tax) and Tan Velcro Strap Tap Barbette Brand #6370 ($24.99 + tax)


Thursday 6:30 Room A & B Classes –  Tan Jazz Bloch brand “Super Jazz”($38.99 + tax) and Tan Velcro Strap Tap Barbette Brand #6370 ($24.99 + tax)


Hip Hop Classes – Converse look lowtop sport shoes black canvas with with bottom and white laces or the Pop Tart shoes Glenna ordered.


Gymnastic Classes – barefooted and if legs are bare we prefer your dancer to wear footless tan tights.


Stage Makeup and Hair Tutorial

 Please follow this easy how to do stage makeup YouTube tutorial for a guideline for doing your dancer’s makeup for the stage as well has how to do a sleek stage ready ponytail or in a bun (if this is your dancer’s requirement for their hair.) https://youtu.be/1LC2aIzpvLg

Suggested Lipstick color is a pinkish/red; Eyeshadow: cream and brown color duo; Light haired girls need some brown shadow to create eyebrows for the stage! Blush shade varies with skin tone; Mascara and Eyeliner needed. (Eyelashes are a great option but need to be trimmed.) TIP: Have young children lie down to be more relaxed in putting makeup on. Cue Tips are great for cleanup around eyes. A Brush does wonders in blending makeup!! (Not the one included in blush and shadow kits.)

 Curled Ponytails (dirty hair curls better than clean) There are varied ways to choose from but check out these tutorials. Product makes a big difference. Once you’re done styling cup a hairnet underneath and loop up to the top and clamp in and then just before they perform, remove the hairnet. Or you can also purchase a pre-done curly ponytail and attach it to their ponytail or bun and not worry about curling hair and getting a long lasting style.

https://youtu.be/lpozWcQJv0k (using a wand)

https://youtu.be/4_huYBSvyW4  (using curl formers)

  • If your dancer’s hair is too short to put in a ponytail/bun then have them wear their hair styled and away from their face in a fashion that looks neat and best on them.




How to wear HAIR required for your dancer’s class

Mousercise – “Hot Hot Hot” Hair in a high curled ponytail along with their pink bow.

Tues 6:30 – “Hot n Cold” Blue or Hot Pk costume. (Ballet Shoes) “Great Balls of Fire” Red Costume (Tap Shoes) wear high curled ponytail with hairpiece.

Thurs 5:30 – “Frozen” (Ballet Shoes) Hair in high bun (see tutorial w/ makeup link above) Place small crown at front of bun (we’ll give to you this week).   “Fireball” (tap shoes) Hair same as ballet dance.

Thurs 6:30 - “Ice Cream Freeze” (Tan Jazz Shoes) “Burnin’ Up” (Tan Tap Shoes) Hair in high curled ponytail with bow (included with costume) for both dances.

Thurs. Room B 6:30 – “Fuego” (Tan Jazz Shoes) Low straight ponytail with hairpiece or short hair as best worn.  “Freeze Frame” Same as Jazz.

Hip Hop Routine– “Ice Cream Truck” High or low Ponytail with hairpiece or their main dance class style.

Gymnastics Routine – “Hot Stuff” High Ponytail or optional depending on their main dance class hairstyle.